Roof Maintenance

Oklahoma City Roof Maintenance Program

You change the oil on your car, take your kids to the doctor for check-ups, and make sure your HVAC always works.  Your roof protects your most valuable assets- so why wouldn’t you put the same care into your roof?

Our Annual Roof Maintenance Program is a the perfect way to monitor the health of your home or business’ roof and make sure your building is safe and your assets protected. We offer our maintenance programs to homes and businesses looking to streamline their building maintenance and save money. 

Gold Program



  • 12 Point Inspection Every 6 Months
  • Free Repair Consultations and Estimates
  • Discount on All Repair Services
  • Storm Damage Priority Service

Platinum Program



  • 12 Point Inspection Every 6 Months
  • Free Repair Consultations and Estimates
  • Discount on All Repair Services
  • Storm Damage Priority Service
  • Gutter Cleaning

How Does It Work?

Our certified roofing team will visit your home or office and discuss the program with you. During our first inspection of your roof, we will include an HD video digital analysis of your roof.  This is a great chance for us to assess the condition of your entire roof and establish a baseline. Once complete, we will discuss our recommendations and give you a written recommended repair estimate to bring roof to proper condition.

Our team will come and perform the entire 12-Point Inspection twice per year for as long as you’re a member of our Annual Maintenance Program.

Your annual maintenance program fee will be applied to any necessary repair costs found during our inspections or towards on upgrade on a full roof replacement. Should your building sustain storm damage, maintenance customers receive priority inspections.

The best part? Our annual maintenance customers receive 50% off of all repair costs, giving you peace of mind at an incredible value.

What Does Our 12-Point Inspection Include?

  • HD video analysis (first inspection only)
  • Inspection first shingle course and starter shingle
  • Inspect all plumbing pipe flashing
  • Inspection all HVAC flashing, stack collar and rain cap
  • Inspect valley’s closed or open “W” valley 
  • Inspect chimney flashing and evaluate mortar 
  • Inspect skylight flashing and glass dome seal
  • Inspect all wall flashing
  • Deck inspection from attic 
  • Inspect shingles for hail damage, wind damage and premature cracking/curling 
  • Inspect all ventilation
  • Remove all debris from roof 

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Performing Roof Maintenance For Oklahoma Weather

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