Seamless Gutters For Oklahoma City Residents

Accord Construction understands that quality is a must when it comes to protecting your home. That’s why we install seamless gutter systems in copper or aluminum that create a seamless, leak-free water diversion system.

Why Do I Need Gutters?

The roof that diligently works to protect your home against nature’s harsh elements works as a system. A vital aspect your roofing system must have in order to remain effective is water diversion. When rainwater flows down the slope of your roof without proper gutters, it will fall onto the ground very close to your home’s foundation instead of diverting away to a safe location.

Over time, this water will deteriorate the ground and actually start to flow towards the foundation stabilizing your house. Water flowing towards your home’s foundation causes a host of problems from leaking basements to soil erosion, which can cause your house’s entire foundation to shift or crack.

Why We’ve Upgraded from Traditional

Seamless gutters have taking gutter systems to an entirely new level. Traditional gutters are often cut or bent into the proper length and size to accommodate your home. The gutters are then nailed together for stabilization; this practice leaves small seams where the gutters meet, where water can infiltrate and start to drip. On top of this, nail holes where the gutters are conjoined can easily leak.

The metal joints are also a catch where leaves and debris can snag and build up. From here, it doesn’t take long for a clog to form, blocking water from flowing, creating a whole new problem you have to resolve.

Easy Installation and Effective Results

During seamless gutter installation, the gutters are custom-made at your home, on the spot, to ensure they are exactly the correct fit. With no seams connecting your gutters together, the chance of water leaking or dripping at their joints is completely eliminated. The chance of clogged gutters or slimy leaves building up is also reduced.

How do Seamless Gutters Attach to My Home?  

Traditional gutters were screwed directly onto your home. Again, this leaves another hole in the gutter where water can infiltrate. Our seamless gutters have a base that is securely attached to the fascia of your roof. Then, the aluminum or copper gutter slides or clips onto this base, without any screws or nails puncturing it. The result is a custom, seamless, gutter system, completely hole-free, that diverts water away from your home in an effective manner.

When Do We Get Started?

If you don’t currently have gutters installed or are ready to upgrade your traditional gutters to a more effective system, the professionals at Accord Construction are ready to help you out. We have a multitude of options so you can choose a gutter system that complements your home’s color scheme. Contact us today to get started!