Leaky Roof

Do you have a Leaky Roof?

Spot the common roof leak problems, before they cost you big money.

Broken Shingles

Broken Shingles can be a huge factor on if you have a leaky roof, Shingles are Designed to Shed water For long Periods of time if they are overlapped. But if a shingle is a missing or Broken, Water, Snow, and Wind can make a small problem into a large Roof Replacement.

Cracked Chimney

Bricks and mortar are not the most reliable material for water resistance, mortar brakes down over time and lets water into your home.
To fix this problem you may need to find the leak and replace the mortar. Since the materials used for chimney repairs are different than those for standard roofing fixes, it is Suggested, that you hire a Roofing Professional.

Improper Flashing

Flashing that has not been Sealed Can Be one of the worst things for your roof. Flashing is placed in Valleys and Channels where water tends to flow if flashing is not done right, water can flow down your walls or get into your attic. Damaging your insulation, Creating Mold, and Rotting your sheeting on your roof.

To avoid preventable roof damage and repairs going forward. We offer a yearly maintenance plan that includes regular inspections, discounted repairs, and priority service all year long- giving you peace of mindLet Accord Constructions Expert Roofing specialists inspect your roof

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