Roofs and Tornado Damage

August 21, 2015

Some of the worst weather in the country occurs in Oklahoma, including vicious tornados and thunderstorms. These storms can cause a lot of damage to your roof – your roof is your home’s defense against natural disasters and also the most vulnerable to the bad weather. In today’s post, we’ll describe some of the effects storms AND tornados can have on your roof, as well as what you can do about it.


Roofs and Tornado Damage

Roofs are designed to resist typical winds, but no roof system can withstand the most extreme winds like the sort that happen in terrible weather including tornados. Strong winds can damage any roof system.

Depending on the direction the wind was blowing during the tornado, there may be different types of damage. There can be negative pressure (suction) or positive pressure (pushing) on your roof tiles. Most of the wind damage begins on the edges of your roof. When that roof material loosens, the wind’s negative pressure or suction can further raise the material. The positive pressure or pushing can push the material off. Once the underside of the roof is exposed, your home is bared to the elements. Not only that, but if the wind is still blowing, the wind’s suction can raise the material, and the wind’s pressure can even further push the material. Not only can rain can get in once the roof underside is exposed, but it also gives the wind more to grab, resulting in a peeling effect.

How to Repair Tornado Damage


Before you start making repairs to your roof, you should have your roof professionally inspected by a licensed contractor such as Accord Construction, Inc. This is because other items such as glass shards, branches, and debris can severely damage a roof system during a storm. If you decide not to hire a contractor, you’ll still need to inspect the roof yourself to make sure areas are tight and attachments are secure as well as examining the debris that may have blown on top of your roof. If you decide to do this, wear sturdy shoes (boots are the best option), a long sleeved shirt (to avoid being cut by any debris), and work gloves.

You’ll also need to check your drain pipes and downspouts for debris. Debris often gets trapped in drains during tornados and other terrible storms, causing problems in the future if the debris isn’t cleaned out.

While you can inspect your roof yourself, you should not attempt any repairs from tornado damage yourself. A professional roofing contractor needs to ascertain the problems and repairs. In the meanwhile use tarps to cover any roof openings to minimize damage or other issues while you contact the professional roofing contractor.

Stay Safe after a Tornado

If you do suspect any devastating damage has happened to your house after a tornado, you may need to shut off the electrical power, natural gas, and propane tanks to avoid a fire. And if you see frayed wiring, sparks, or smell something burning, shut off the electrical power and contact your power company. Similarly, if you smell gas, shut off your main gas valve, open the windows and leave the house. Call the gas company and don’t do anything that may cause a spark.


After a tornado you’ll probably need to file an insurance claim. Our qualified insurance claim specialists at Accord Construction can help with that. They are experts in filing claims and dealing with all major insurance companies in order to make sure you you receive the financial help you need to pay for any roof damage or repairs. We can handle the entire process or just provide assistance – it depends on what you’d prefer. You can contact us or look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in order to learn more about our specific insurance information. But do call your insurance agent as quickly as possible after a tornado to establish contact. Your insurance company will typically tell you what to do next.

Accord Construction is available to help you identify and repair any tornado damage your roof may have incurred during a tornado. Our company is fully licensed and certified. We’re the best choice for professional Oklahoma City, OK and Edmond, OK roofing. No matter if you need help filing an insurance claim after a storm or if you need to inspect your roof after a tornado, we can help you.

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