6 Proven And Tested Roofing Maintenance Tips

January 8, 2015
roofing maintenance

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Have you been skipping on your roofing maintenance work? If you answered “yes”, then that’s a BIG MISTAKE!

Because of the constant beating that your roof is getting from the harsh weather and the other external factors, the rate of its deterioration is often hastened.

It’s exactly because of this that you need to do regular roofing maintenance. When you give it due diligence, you end up saving hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars worth of roofing repair work.

However, while that is common knowledge, what isn’t so common are the steps on how to do the actual maintenance work. If that’s what you’re looking to find out, then this guide is for you. Allow us to share with you these 6 roofing maintenance tips.

* Note – It’s always ideal to contact professional roofing contractors when doing your maintenance. Not only is it safer, but our experts in the field are able to see important signs of deterioration that regular homeowners would have overlooked. But, if you’re looking to do the basic maintenance tasks yourself, then you should follow the tips we’ve detailed below.

1.) Safety first

While this tip isn’t directly related to roof maintenance, we’d like to include this nonetheless just to make sure that homeowners DO NOT (even the slightest bit), slack off in their safety.

Before anything else, please make sure that your ladder is on solid ground. Be sure to extend the ladder about 3 feet from the gutter and secure it when you’re on top just to make sure it doesn’t slip.

Also, don’t climb the roof alone. Always make sure that someone is with you so you can get help in case anything unexpectedly unfortunate happens.

2.) Replace missing shingles

Rain and snow can easily cause leaks in your ceiling when you have missing shingles. This of course can cause water damage in your home’s interior.

And if that isn’t enough, insects and other kinds of pests can invade your home through the missing shingles. When they’re in, they can easily make a nest in your home causing you even bigger problems. Unless you want to have insects and pests crawling all over your home, replace the missing shingles on your roof immediately.

3.) Cut off dying or dead branches near your roof

Leaves aren’t the only things that fall off from trees, branches and twigs do as well. Twigs and branches are especially damaging to your roof since they usually don’t fit in your downspouts and gutters.

* Important note – As much as possible, do not cut or trim the branches or twigs yourself. Have a professional work on it since this can cause serious damage to your roof. When cutting branches, the right equipment and careful planning is needed to ensure they don’t fall off on your roof.

4.) Check your ceilings and interior walls for traces of water damage

When water invades your home’s interior, it can cause severe unseen damage. This can slowly compromise the quality of your roof or your ceiling’s support.

5.) Remove all debris on the surface of your roof

Removing any kind of debris on the surface of your roof can help prevent your downspouts and gutters from clogging. When the rain and melted snow is draining properly from your roof, it helps avoid structural problems and roof membrane damages.

On the other hand, when your gutters and downspouts are clogging, water often overflows from the place it’s clogging, thus causing leaks and water damages.

6.) Scrape off algaes or any kind of dirt on your shingles

The shingles on your roof is your home’s first line of defense against rain, snow and the other external elements that the weather can throw at you. When you see algae or dirt on it, take the time to scrape them off since they can be quite damaging to your shingles when they decompose or grow.

These are just some of the basics that you need to remember when doing your regular roofing maintenance work. While there are a couple more things that you need to consider, when you start with these, you’ll usually end-up doing a good job.

What next?

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