What Better Business Bureau Ratings Mean for Oklahoma Roofers

June 20, 2014

When you’re looking for an Oklahoma City roofing company for your home or business, you want to choose a contractor you can trust. But short of calling references or visiting completed projects, it can be hard to tell if a roofer is trustworthy or if they do good work. One way to solve this problem is by looking at their rating from the Better Business Bureau. These ratings give a broad overview of the kind of work an Oklahoma roofer will do for you.

BBB ratings take many factors into account, which makes them a great way to gauge the overall quality of a business. These factors, as a whole, show how trustworthy and responsible a business is and how well its owners respond to customers and complaints. These factors include:

  • Customer complaints – If a business has a large number of complaints, it will receive a lower grade. The BBB also looks at how severe the complaint is, how long it took the company to respond, and if and how the issue was resolved. Businesses that are faster and more responsive, or that get less complaints, get higher grades.
  • How long the business has been open – Businesses that have a longer or more established history generally have a higher grade than new businesses. This grade is based on information provided by the owner, so it also reflects on how responsive and approachable the business is.
  • Background information – If a business owner can provide more information about the background of his or her business, that openness is reflected in the grade. Businesses can also get a lower grade if the information doesn’t clarify how the business operates or if the information conflicts with itself or other sources.
  • Issues with licensing or other legal problems – When the BBB learns that a business does not have a required license, or that there are legal or government actions against the business, they may lower the businesses grade. 
  • How the business advertises – Businesses are allowed to advertise their services or to use BBB markings and grades in their advertisements, but only according to certain guidelines. If the BBB thinks the business is misusing information or misrepresenting itself, they can lower the businesses grade.

It’s important to note that some categories carry more weight than others. For instance, if one business has existed for longer than another but they are otherwise similar, their grades will not be very different. However, if one businesses has gotten a large number of complaints or doesn’t work to resolve them, it will have a large negative impact.

For an Oklahoma City roofing company to have a good grade, it means that they have gotten few or no customer complaints, and that they resolved any complaints they did get quickly. It also means they’ve built a strong reputation and have an established history (unlike the many roofers that spring up after a big storm, take deposits or initial payments, and then disappear).

At Accord Construction, we’re proud of our A+ rating from the Oklahoma Better Business Bureau. We’re also proud that our customers trust us and recommend us to others. If you’re in need of roofing services in the Oklahoma City area and want a roofer that you can trust to do great work at a great price, call Accord Construction today at 405-562-6669. 

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