Metal Roofing – What You Need to Know About It

May 4, 2015
Metal Roofing

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According to NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association), the popularity of metal roofing has drastically increased all throughout the years. It’s a good indication that the homeowners are slowly starting to realize the massive benefits of using metal roofing.

Allow me to share with you the top reasons why home owners are opting for metal roofing.

Energy Efficiency

Metal does a great job at reflecting any heat given off from the sun, which helps to minimize the temperature of the inside of your home. This gives you the chance to turn down your air conditioning in the day, potentially saving you a wad of cash over the years as you continue to benefit from the metal roofing’s energy efficiency. Unfortunately metal isn’t a great insulator for keeping hot air in, but a dead air space is very often used between the metal sheets and the roof deck to create a ‘bubble’ of insulated air.

It’s lightweight

If metal is light enough to be used on an airplane, you can bet it’ll fit comfortably on your house as well. Metal roofing can vary in weight, but it often weighs in at 50 to 150 pounds per square – this is hundreds of pounds lighter than other building materials, like concrete tiles for instance.

The metal roofing being lightweight means that it’s easy to install. Most metal roofing comes in separate panels that can be connected together – this is a job a contractor could do within a one or two day time span.

Being light also has other benefits – sometimes upgrading your roof with new materials will require you to build additional structure support but this isn’t the case for most metal roofing. In fact, metal roofing can sometimes be lightweight enough for you to remove some roof support members.

It looks Great

Before we even get into the environmental and practical uses of metal roofing, you should take a step back and realize that it’s simply a nice cosmetic addition to your home. You’ll be able to choose between a variety of gorgeous styles so that it fits in better with your home design or neighborhood.

It Lasts for a Long Time

Once metal roofing is properly installed, it should last you a lifetime. The metal roofing should easily manage to live alongside the house for as long as you plan to live there. The metal used in metal roofing can withstand mold, mildew and other unsightly environmental pests. If you choose to go for a painted finish you may notice that your warranty won’t be as long. Typically, we can’t promise to keep your paint nice and tidy forever, but a good few decades on your warranty would be long enough to know that you can trust anybody you purchase metal roofing from.

No More Rain and Snow

Because of the way sheets of metal roofing is designed to interlock with each other and the fact that the surface of metal roofing is so hard and slippery, it’s pretty much impossible for any rain and snow to settle on your house.

You can keep your roof tidy with minimal effort and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no rain or water is ever going to trickle it’s way into your home.

Environmentally Friendly

A lot of metal roofing is made up mostly out of recycled materials – this gives you the chance to purchase metal roofing whilst keeping your environmental footprint small. The insulation and conduction capabilities of metal roofing also means that you can reduce your energy usage, even if it is only somewhat.

Metal roofing lasts a long time so you won’t need to throw out any roofing material for a very long time once you have it installed. When installed correctly, metal roofing can even help to extend the life of your building too – it is lightweight enough to have minimal strain on the roof supports and it keeps the rest of your house dry.

Wouldn’t the Metal Roofing be a Danger to my Home in a Lightning Storm?

Whilst your metal roofing would, indeed be made out of metal, it would pose no extra risk to your house attracting lightning. Lightning will always strike the highest point in the area, such as a tree or a telephone pylon, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to metal roofing.

What Will the Rain Sound Like?

A question that is often asked is about the sound of rain on metal roofing. Whilst the sound will be different to your current roofing setup, metal roofing is designed in a way so that it doesn’t make loud noises when rain hits it. If the roofing were to be flat, it’s likely the noise would be amplified, but fortunately this is not the case. Air space and the insulation in your attic can also help to dampen the sound. If you’re concerned about the noise, foam inserts are always an option to help reduce the sound even further.

If you have any inquiries about installing metal roofing into your own home, you can to contact us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need to know.

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