How to Make Your Roof More Green

August 8, 2015

Many homeowners are looking to reduce their home’s impact on the environment. Sometimes a homeowner may choose to do this for more than just a desire to help the environment. Often environmentally conscious changes will also aid financially in the long-term. The roof is often forgotten when people think about making their home “greener” and it shouldn’t be, considering how much the roof affects the internal temperature of a home.  There are many things you can do to your roof that will reduce your carbon footprint, and also lower energy and utility costs.

Reflective Metal Roofing

One of the more drastic environmentally friendly options that can help you reduce your carbon footprint is to replace your current roof with reflective metal roofing. It’s one of the best roofing materials available, especially when you take into account the environmental factors. It can reflect sunlight and re-emit absorbed solar heat. This can drastically reduce summer cooling costs. This also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint caused by excessively run air conditioning units.

Roof Coatings


A roof coating is an additional layer of protection that can be placed on a roof. It can help the roof remain undamaged from inclement weather such as rain or hail, or even nice weather such as bright sunlight. The coating is usually made up of a thin membrane that seals the materials that are used to create the roof, creating a barrier of protection. A roof coating can add years to the life of nearly any roof. The roof coating allows homeowners to reduce their energy use. The reflective properties of many coatings result in decreased roof temperatures and energy use requirements during daytime hours. This reduces the load on AC and heating systems, cutting down your carbon footprint.

Water Barrels

A more uncommon, but relatively cheap method of making your roof and home greener is to place a water barrel at the downspouts of your eavestrough. The rainwater can be collected and used for outdoor water purposes such as watering the lawn or garden. Water barrel collection benefits the environment by using recycled water rather than water from the hose. It also reduces costs by lowering water usage. This method would be very beneficial for those in drought areas.

Trim Your Vegetation

If you trim the vegetation (such as trees) before they reach your roof level, that should help the air circulation of your home and reduce wear and tear on the roof. Poor air circulation often creates hot spots on a roof that can accelerate a roof’s age. If you extend the life of the roof system you can reduce material usage, saving you money, and also lower your environmental impact.

Proper Ventilation

If your roof and attic are properly insulated and ventilated, it can really benefit both the environment and your pocketbook. Proper Ventilation will lower the heating and cooling costs of a home. The reduction of power and usage of heating and cooling will help make the house more environmentally efficient – less fossil fuels will be used.



Daylighting may not be a term you’ve heard before but it is the practice of putting windows and other openings in your roof to maximize the natural light in a building. Skylights could be included in this practice, for instance. Daylighting provides natural daylight during daylight hours allowing a building to reduce the usage of electricity.  This is a fairly dramatic option if you don’t have a skylight already, but it is something to consider if you enjoy natural lighting and reducing your carbon footprint.

Roof Maintenance

Last, but not least, simple roof maintenance can help your home become more environmentally friendly. Proper roof maintenance can extend the life of a roof. By utilizing the full lifespan of a roof system homeowners can delay replacement of their roof. That saves on materials and money.

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