How to Maintain Your Tile Roof

September 14, 2015

Clay tile roofing is a popular roofing option. This is because clay tile roofing offers the longest life-expectancy of any traditional roofing material. If taken care of properly, it could last for a century or more. These clay tile roofs are often chosen for their fire resistance and aesthetic appeal. Typically, this type of roof requires little maintenance, but homeowners should take some time to arrange regular roof maintenance that can remove contaminants that affect the appearance and performance of a clay tile roof. You can always call Accord Construction, Inc. if you need help performing clay tile roof maintenance.

Inspect Your Roof

clay tile roof

Tile roofs are durable but still need to be inspected occasionally. Look for cracked or chipped tiles or other types of damage or discoloration. If there are damaged sections, they should be replaced immediately. This is because broken tiles can compromise the roof. If you want to replace a tile yourself, slide a flat bar under the 2 tiles above the broken piece. Pry the bars upward, gently, and remove the broken tile and replace the roofing underlayment. Once you’ve replaced that, you can put in the new tile. After you’ve replaced the tile, pull out the left-hand bar then the one above.

Cleaning the Tiles: Mold, Dirt, and Algae

If mold, dirt, and/or algae are left to build up on your tiles they might interfere with the drainage of your clay tile roof system, leading to leaks or broken tiles. The clay tiles will sometimes need to be cleaned in order to remove any mold, dirt, or algae from the roof. Try to wash the clay tiles every two years, especially in the valley sections which can attract a lot of dirt and/or debris.

Examine the Gutters and Flashing

Inspect the metal strips around the chimney, skylight, satellite dish, and your vents. These metal strips are called flashing, and they often loosen during bad weather. If they are loose, call a professional roofer like us in order to get it fixed properly.

You also need to check for loose gutters. Gutters often will become loose after a bad storm – the worse the storm is the likelier it is that your gutter will be loose or damaged. Make sure the gutters are properly angled and aligned. If not properly aligned the water overflow could damage your home’s foundation. Also, clean your gutters and downspouts regularly as this is a consistent spot for debris build up.

Other Types of Prevention

There are other forms of prevention for tile roofs. After all, it’s important to be proactive – problems that could deeply hurt your pocketbook or the rest of your house can be avoided if you inspect your roof. If you’re short on time or expect that there is roof damage you cannot see, you can call Accord Construction to perform roof maintenance or an inspection.

Just like with all roofs, some form of prevention maintenance has to be done in order to cut back on potentially damaging debris. This prevention includes cutting back overhanging trees to reduce shade and debris. This slows the development of the issues mentioned above regarding mold, dirt, and algae.


Efflorescence is when clay tiles develop white streaks or other markings. This occurs when lime within the clay reacts to air and rainwater. You don’t need to worry about these markings when you’re inspecting and cleaning your clay tile roof. The effect is usually temporary and the rain will wash it out.

Be Careful

The way clay roof tiles are designed doesn’t allow the roof to support a person’s body weight which means you could easily crack or break tiles while attempting to perform roof maintenance and cleaning. Clay tile roofs can also be very slippery, so if you feel uneasy about getting on top of the roof for this or the other reasons, you should hire us or another roofing professional to clean and maintain a tile roof.

Accord Construction Inc., is available to help you maintain your clay roof or if you need to replace any damaged clay tiles. Our company is fully licensed and certified. We also know all the latest roofing techniques that will make your home safe. We’re the best choice for professional roofing in Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma. No matter what your needs are we’re here to help you achieve your dream roof. Call us at (405) 302-5520.

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