Finding A Roof Leak in Five Easy Steps

June 10, 2015

At Accord Construction, we want to help make the process of fixing your roof as easy as possible. That’s why we recommend our clients to look for the leaks before calling us.

Doing this is one of the most important things our clients can do. This can prevent further mold and leaks and will help to determine where the roof is leaking from. Sometimes this is an easy find and other times it’s a much more difficult task. We hope these methods can help you determine where the leak is, so we can fix the problem much faster after you call. However we at Accord Construction, of course, are here to help if you cannot spend the time looking for the leak.

Look for Signs of a Leak

The first thing you should do is look for the signs of a leak. Doing this will help you to determine where the leak is coming from, and whether it’s from the roof or somewhere else. These signs can be anything from the obvious, wet, stained, discolored ceilings or floors. You may also smell a musty odor which would be occurring because of the water leak. Another sign is peeling paint. The last sign you should look for if you’re having difficulties finding the other ones, are unexplained bulges in your floor or ceiling.


Check the Roof, Attic, and Dormer walls

If none of that worked, or even if it did work, the next step is go to the attic, if it is accessible. The attic will show the water stains much more clearly than they showed in your house. Not only that, but sometimes mold will be present. Although, please wait to get any mold removed, there’s no point in removing it before you fix your roof! It will just grow back! But the mold and water stains will give you a better idea of where the water could be leaking from on the roof.

The next step is to check the roof. With a friend, spouse, family member, or partner’s help, anyone who can help, get on the roof with a water hose. Make sure your partner on this mission is inside at this point as you’ll be counting on them to let you know what spot on the roof is causing the problem. Without that knowledge it’ll be hard to determine where the leak is coming from.

Remember to be careful when you’re on the roof and if you don’t wish to do this, just call us.

Once they’re inside, spray the roof at different angles, moving along the different parts of the roof. Your partner should tell you when the leak is beginning to show in the house so you can determine what part of the roof is causing the leak.


If that doesn’t work, check your dormer walls if you have them. Sometimes the leak can come from cracks in the walls rather than the roof.

Last Case Scenario: Tear off the Shingles

If, for some reason, none of the above works, another method can alert you to where the leak is coming from. However, it is a LAST RESORT, and you should call us at Accord Construction before this attempt, as we can help you figure this out. But if worse comes to worse, roof shingles can be torn off, and this will reveal water stains and rot in the area of the water source. But call us before you attempt this.

Determine the Cause

Now that you have found out where the leak is coming from, you may be able to determine the cause of the leak. The typical troublemakers are roof vents (which often break apart, no matter if they are metal or plastic, metal vents develop breaks in the seams while plastic ones can have problems with cracked housing), actual holes in the roof (common in older homes), improper sealing, cracked walls, or rusted flashing.

Remember to call us before you deal with any mold. We can fix your leak so no more mold will occur. Then you can remove the mold. We don’t want you to waste your time trying to remove the mold before the leak is fixed!

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