Fall Roof Maintenance

September 30, 2015

Now that we have entered the fall season, it is important to make sure that your roof is being taken care of. Fall and spring are the best seasons to check up on your roof. The mild temperatures make it easier for you and, at least in fall, there is a lot of upcoming issues. Fall brings a lot of debris from leaves and branches. The future winter weather can compound any fall roof maintenance that is neglected making it very important task for any homeowner. At Accord Construction, we want to make sure our client’s roofs are well maintained so there won’t be any long-term problems. That’s why today’s blog post is dedicated to ensuring that everyone understands how to perform routine fall roof maintenance.

Fall Roof Maintenance

If you chose to skip out on summer roof maintenance, that’s ok and understandable because who wants to check out a hot roof when they could be swimming in a pool? But if you took a break from roof maintenance this past summer, that makes it even more important for you to perform fall roof maintenance. Issues may have developed since your last routine roof maintenance.  If your roof develops leaks during the fall and winter stormy weather, it could be an expensive pain to take care of it.

So get up on a ladder and start inspecting your roof. You should be looking for issues like missing or damaged shingles, mold, or warped flashing.fall roof maintenance

If for some reason you can’t get on your roof or if you’re uncomfortable with the idea, you can call a professional roofer (such as Accord Construction) to perform a professional roof inspection in order to ensure that your roof is in good shape for the upcoming winter weather.

However, something else you can do during your fall roof maintenance is to check your gutters and downspouts for any possible issues. There is a lot of debris in the fall, from tree branches to leaves, that can get caught in your gutters. It’s important to make sure that your gutters are totally clean – gutters that are filled with debris can cause damage the foundation of your home. If your gutters are clear of debris you can check for issues like sagging. Sagging gutters can indicate that your gutters might overflow this winter during snowstorms. They could even fall apart if the gutters are sagging at the seams. Your downspouts should also be very clean and clear of debris. Make sure they’re draining by pouring water down the gutter.


Something to consider when inspecting the downspout is a rainwater collection system. If you set up one of these systems, you could save water for gardening or washing the car, both helping your utilities bill and the environment.

If you have a chimney, try to get it assessed for the upcoming winter season. You can get it cleaned and checked for any obstructions by having an appointment with a chimney sweep. This could help you in the long run – chimney fires are common in the winter since many people don’t get their chimneys checked out by a professional before using them.

Since Kansas experiences a multitude of bad weather conditions all year long, it’s important to check on the roof in the fall, before the winter weather begins. The weather is still good enough in the fall to deal with any issues easily. It gets harder to deal with roofing problems the colder it gets, it’s much more dangerous and complicated for even a professional roofer due to the poor weather conditions that come with winter. This is why it is so important to inspect your roof before the winter weather starts.

Accord Construction is available to help you through the roofing process, no matter if you need an inspection or an entire new roof. If you would like it if we inspected your roof for any possible issues, or if you’re just unsure what to do about missing shingles, our company is fully licensed and certified and ready to help. We are the best choice for professional roofing in Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma. No matter what your needs are we’re here to help you achieve your dream roof. Call us at (405) 302-5520 to learn more or to arrange a consultation.

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