Easy Ways to Clean Your Gutter

June 18, 2015

At Accord Construction, we want to make it easy for you to take care of your home, whether that’s replacing your gutters or repairing your roof. So we hope this article can help guide you through the process of cleaning your gutters. If you have never had to deal with this before, we hope this article can help you determine how to clean your gutters and if you need to replace them. If you have any questions about replacing your gutters, you can call us at (405) 302-5520.

You should be cleaning and inspecting your rain gutters at least twice a year. Typically it should be done in the spring and autumn. Before you begin cleaning and inspecting your rain gutters, you will need to be prepared.


5 Necessary Items for Gutter Cleaning

Make sure you are wearing a shirt with long sleeves and have rubber gloves on your hands.

You will need an extendable ladder, and it would be best if you had a standoff stabilizer as well to prevent the ladder from damaging the gutter.

You will also need a gutter scoop to help you remove debris from the gutter, which you can buy from almost any hardware store. And if you don’t have that a small plastic shovel will work almost as well.

Another item you will need to clean out the rain gutters is a plastic tarp or large plastic bag to place any debris from the rain gutter in. The larger the better as you will probably have a lot of debris to wade through before you’re able to clean out the gutters with a hose, especially if your house has many trees in its yard.

The last important item is a long water hose or a pressure washer than can reach the gutter.

Pre-Clean Gutters

When you get on the ladder and check out the gutters, it might be a good idea to try and pre-clean them before you clean out the debris with a pressure washer or hose. This is because if leaves and debris are clogging the downspout, the water won’t drain properly, creating an even bigger mess and more issues including sagging gutters.

The best way to remove the debris and pre-clean the rain gutters is to use the gutter scoop that was mentioned above to scoop out the debris. As you scoop, make sure you have your large plastic bag with you to throw the debris in.

Check for Leaks

Next check the gutters for leaks. Check the caulking in the seams and holes in the gutters. Hopefully there will be no issue but if there is you may need to use a chisel to scrape the caulking out and dry the area. Use new sealant to keep water from getting into the boards. If it does, it will rot the boards and create problems.

Blast out the Gutters with a Hose or Pressure Washer


Once you finished inspecting the rain gutters and removing all the debris you possibly can, the next step is to start cleaning the gutters. If you have a pressure washer make sure to follow the instructions in the manual. You mostly want avoid hitting the gutters at too high an angle as this will destroy your roof shingles. If you have a water hose, make sure you have one with an on-off high pressure nozzle. Then wash out the length of the gutter, heading towards the drain outlet. If there is dirt that won’t get out of the gutters no matter how hard you’re spraying the water, you might need to get a scrub brush to scrub and remove it.

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