Attic Ventilation

October 7, 2015

Proper attic ventilation is one of the most important parts of a home. However, many people don’t have their attics properly ventilated and some don’t have it ventilated at all. That isn’t good for your checkbook. If your attic is properly insulated and ventilated you can save a lot of money and help out the environment. Today’s blog will explain why you should make sure YOUR home’s attic is properly ventilated and insulated.

Proper attic ventilation lowers the heating and cooling costs of a home. No matter if it’s hot or cold outside, proper ventilation allows your home to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.  But how does something as “simple” as attic ventilation and insulation achieve this?

4 Reasons to Make Sure Your Roof is Properly Ventilated and Insulated

  1. Proper attic ventilation and insulation reduces damaging moisture. Moisture builds up in the attic and in the long term this can damage the structure and degrade your house and the roof. It can also lead to mold.
  2. It can save you energy. Heat build-up in the attic makes it so that your air conditioning unit has to work even more for your home. Proper attic ventilation will pressurize the attic space which helps you keep your cooling costs low in the summer. Otherwise, when there is no pressure, any air pumped out from your air conditioning unit will go to the attic instead of the rest of the house.
  3. It prevents damage to roof shingles. Attic heat (if at a high enough temperature) can heat the shingle up and cause them to prematurely age. This is especially true for asphalt shingles.
  4. Proper attic insulation prevents ice dams. When it’s cold outside, cold air needs to get into the attic otherwise you’ll have an ice dam on your roof. This is because if the attic is too hot, ice or snow on top of your roof will melt and then refreeze (becoming an ice dam). Ice dams can severely damage your roof. One way to prevent this is to make sure that the the floor of your attic is properly insulated and sealed up to prevent heat from rising to the attic.
  5. But what does it mean to have your roof “properly” ventilated and insulated?

    The attic ventilation system has to be balanced and fit for YOUR home. This means that an equal amount of intake through the vents near the roof’s lowest edge and exhaust through the vents near the peak of the roof. This makes it easy for cool, dry air to enter the attic at the lowest point so that the warm, moist air will leave the attic through the exhaust vents. If the intake and exhaust can’t be 50/50 just make sure to have more intake than exhaust. If there’s more exhaust occurring than intake you could have severe issues. The exhaust vents could become intake to compensate for the lack of intake.

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Attic Ventilation

    Aren’t roof vents for warmer climates?


    Well, no, everyone needs some sort of ventilation for their attic. Especially colder climates. The colder your weather is, the likelier you’ll benefit from attic ventilation and insulation. Preventing moisture damage is a benefit that works best in colder climates.

    If I have roof vents, don’t I have roof ventilation?

    You need to talk to a professional roof inspector about your current system to see if the vents you have are doing enough. Especially if you are seeing problems like ice dams or curling shingles on your roof.

    Don’t roof vents remove the hot air from the house during winter? How is this energy efficient?

    Many people ask us this, believing that because heat rises, that if you vent your attic during winter that you’re releasing warm air and all the heat you’re inserting into your house through your heater. However, that’s not true, as long as your attic is properly insulated. If your attic is properly insulated, your furnace will not be heating your attic, so make sure that your roof vents are working during winter weather.

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