7 Different Gutter Types that You Can Choose From

July 8, 2015

Rain gutters are one of your home’s most important defenses against rain, wind, or any other stormy weather. Gutters gather the runoff from your roof that’s caused by the elements, allowing your siding and foundation to be protected. Since they’re such an important part of your home, it’s necessary for you to make an educated decision when choosing the gutter material that best fits your home and budget. At Accord Construction, we understand that choosing your new gutter type may be difficult so we hope this detailed list of gutter types and materials helps you decide what works best for you.

7 Different Gutter Types that You Can Choose From

Sectional Vs. Seamless Rain Gutters

These two different types of gutters have two distinct advantages.  Sectional gutters are when the gutter is joined and fastened together – this happens during installation of the gutter alongside of the house. Sectional gutters are typically the only option available for most materials. Seamless gutters, however, are only available in aluminum material. Seamless gutters are more attractive than sectional gutters and are less likely to be worn out. Sectional gutters fail after years of wear at the joints and seams. Seamless gutters do not have this issue. However, seamless gutters are more expensive than sectional gutters and are only available in the aluminum material. You will have to determine if this is a disadvantage for you.


Vinyl Rain Gutters

Vinyl gutters have many advantages including easy installation, the inability to rust or corrode, and they’re typically the cheapest gutter material that you can purchase. Vinyl gutters are very lightweight and it’s easy for anyone to snap the sections together. However, vinyl gutters to tend to snap in extreme cold and oftentimes they grow brittle and crack over time. If you’re in a mild climate, though, this should be less of an issue. They’re a good option for anyone on a tight budget.

Aluminum Rain Gutters

Aluminum rain gutters are another cheaper option to consider when picking out your next rain gutter. Like vinyl, aluminum gutters are lightweight, rust proof, and easy to install. But they’re better than vinyl in one very import regard – they’re much more weather resistant. They do not snap or crack in cold climates. Another advantage is that they hold paint well, something that vinyl cannot do, making it easy for homeowners to paint the gutters to match their home. However, they aren’t as strong as many other materials and they can be dented.

Galvanized Steel Gutters

Steel gutters are sturdier than aluminum gutters, especially when it comes to damage from falling branches and ladders. They’re also about as cost-effective as aluminum gutters. However, unlike aluminum gutters, galvanized steel gutters can become rusted and the material will fall through.

Stainless Steel Gutters

Stainless steel gutters are a nearly indestructible gutter type. They won’t rust and they’re known as one of the strongest materials available. However, the price might make you hesitate purchasing this material. They’re often 2-4 times as expensive as the above materials.

Wood Rain Gutters

Wood gutters used to be the typical gutter material used in years past, but was slowly removed from popularity when the above materials became accessible as those materials were cheaper and more weather resistant. However, if you have a historical home, you may want to choose to use a wood gutter type made out of cedar, redwood, or fir. This is a viable option for anyone who wants to make sure their historical home stays true to the original building. It does carry a heavy price tag with it, but it may be worth it depending on your wants and needs.

Finding the Perfect Gutter Type For You

Accord Construction would love to help you through the process of choosing the gutter type and material to use for your building, whether it’s your home or a commercial enterprise. If you still have questions regarding all the different types of gutter materials, we can help you and walk you through all the options. There’s a rain gutter that will suit your needs.

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