Efficiently Working with Your Roofer in an Emergency

October 2, 2017

Efficiently Working with Your Roofer in an EmergencyA roofing emergency that leaves your home vulnerable to water damage can happen at any time. High winds during a storm might tear off a swath of shingles, or send a tree limb crashing down into the attic. If your roof is older, deterioration from long-term exposure to the elements can cause it to suddenly start leaking when it rains. Being prepared for emergencies in advance can help you work efficiently with your roofer to minimize stress and potential damage to your home.

How to Plan Ahead for Roofing Emergencies

Although there’s no way to predict when you might experience a roof-related emergency, you can lessen the likelihood that one will occur and make any event less traumatic and costly by taking these steps now:

  • Connect with a reliable Dallas roofing contractor. Now is the time to choose a reputable and skilled roofer who offers 24/7 emergency service, so you have an experienced ally to call if you need help in a hurry. Look for a licensed and insured roofer and check their reliability, workmanship quality and reputation by reading online reviews, talking to prior customers and asking about manufacturer certifications.
  • Schedule periodic roof inspections. Have your chosen contractor inspect your roof to establish a baseline on its condition, and follow up with additional inspections as recommended. Most well-established local roofing contractors offer inspections at no charge.
  • Take care of needed repairs. If a routine inspection reveals any problems like missing/damaged flashing or shingles, faulty ridge cap/vents, or loose metal panels, get them fixed promptly so they don’t escalate and lead to leaks.
  • Verify your insurance coverage. Read your homeowner’s policy so you understand the specific perils you’re protected against, and whether or not you have replacement cost coverage. You should also ask your roofer if they offer assistance with insurance claims.
  • Make basic emergency preparations. Just in case your roof starts leaking, have supplies on hand to help limit the damage, like a couple of tarps to cover furniture and belongings, and buckets or other large containers to catch rainwater. You should learn how to shut off your home’s water, electric and gas supplies quickly so you can lessen the risk of a flood, fire/explosion or gas leak if you’re faced with a roofing emergency.

For expert help developing a plan to minimize stress and damage from a roofing emergency, contact us at Accord Construction, your dependable Dallas roofing contractor.


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