4 Tips to Make Your Roof More Valuable Now

October 9, 2017

more Valuable Now

When homeowners think about adding value to their homes, the first two areas that always come up are the kitchen and the bathroom, because those are the rooms most closely inspected by new buyers. Those aren’t the only areas of a home that can add real value though, both for the present time and in the future, when you might want to sell. Your roof can be much more valuable to you, now and later, if you pay attention to the tips offered below.

Proper installation

If your roof wasn’t installed correctly by a highly reputable Dallas roofing contractor like Accord Construction, Inc., there may be problems just waiting to emerge, and you could even be vulnerable to roof damage much sooner than normal wear would bring about.

Good ventilation

If your roof isn’t properly ventilated, you can almost count on it failing long before the manufacturer of your roofing system predicts. Improper or non-existent roof ventilation is well known to be the number one roof killer in existence, and without it, your roof won’t live up to the manufacturer’s standards.

Larger size

Having more square footage on your total roof surface adds considerable value to your home, whether you eventually sell it or not. That greater square footage offers more protection for your home, and that’s a useful quality at any time of the roof’s life cycle.

Transferable guarantee

If your roof was installed by a skilled and reliable Dallas roofing contractor who provided you with a transferable guarantee, for instance, a ‘no leakage’ guarantee, the roof has more value because it has a guarantee of weather-tightness. Similar guarantees on material quality or expert installation carry the same kind of weight in adding value to your roof. A transferable guarantee takes on greater significance when you decide to sell your home because the guarantee can be transferred to the new owner.

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