Working With Your Roofer After Storm Damage

September 17, 2018

Working With your roofer after storm damage

No one likes to endure a big storm, and the roof protects your home from the worst of it. That doesn’t mean the roof won’t sustain damage itself. The good news is that most storm damage will be covered by insurance. The bad news is, claims are complicated and can be overwhelming. Use these tips to work with a roofer and get through the insurance claims.

Tip 1: Choose a Reputable Roofer

If you choose a roofing contractor that has a long history in the area, they’ve seen a lot of storm damage before and have worked with a lot of insurance companies on claims. They can help you through the claim process by providing you with a trustworthy estimate and giving you advice on what to do with the claim.

Tip 2: Get an Inspection

You may be able to see damage on your roof from the street. If so, you know you need repairs. If you can’t see the damage from below, it’s not a good idea to climb up on the roof looking for it. Instead, simply call a roofing company and get an inspection. Reputable roofers will inspect your roof for free and give you an estimate if there is any damage. You will then have peace of mind that your roof is okay or you’ll know what needs to be done.

Tip 3: File Right Away

It’s easy to put off filing a claim because there are a lot of things to deal with after a storm. But there is a statute of limitations on insurance claims and storms and it’s a good idea to get the filing in sooner rather than later. The roofing companies are going to be busy and you want to be on their repair list right away as well. You don’t want another rain storm to roll through and have a roof that needs repairs, causing more damage to your home or roof.

If you had a nasty storm and you suspect you have damage to your roof, contact Accord Roofs. You’ll get quality craftsmanship from professional roofers that don’t cut corners. Your roof is your first line of defense against storms, sun, and everything else Mother Nature can throw at you. No matter what your home needs, from a minor repair to a complete replacement, you can get the coverage you need from Accord Roofing.


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