Maintain Your Roof So it Can Handle Any Weather Scenario

April 3, 2017

Maintain Your Roof So it Can Handle Any Weather Scenario Spring is coming and residents throughout Oklahoma need to prepare for tornado season. These cyclonic storms can rip off residential roofing if it is not properly maintained. A regular roof maintenance plan is the best way to prepare your home for a possible storm.


Accord Roofing offers two inspection programs that prepare your roof for the most severe weather. Our programs offer a 12-point inspection every six months. We take an HD video of the roof on our first inspection as a base level for future comparisons. We will show you any areas that need improvement for protection against high winds, driving rain and hail.

This inspection includes:

  • Fascia area where the roof connects to the building
  • Eaves, first shingle course and starter shingles
  • Checking all plumbing pipes, stack collar and other HVAC connections on the roof
  • Double checking skylights for waterproof seals and tight flashing
  • Chimney mortar and apron flashing at chimney base
  • Rain gutters and drains
  • Attics and soffits

These are only a few of the residential roofing items inspected during our regular semi-annual visit. The attic area is closely inspected to note the condition of rafters, trusses and straps that support and secure the roof. We also inspect ventilation and the underlayment to make sure it is secure. All vents and collars around protrusions in the roof must be tight.

Roof flashings include the metal strips that allow for water runoff into the gutters. The flashing around the chimney, dormer rooms and skylights must be tight so they are not blown away by high winds.

Rain gutters and drainpipes must be attached securely to the house and roof. We will reattach loose gutters and clean them when necessary. The drainpipe connection is also checked.

We explain the need for all repairs and offer discounts to homeowners who purchase our inspection service.

Safety first

Continued maintenance of your roof is the only way to protect your home in this area known unofficially as Tornado Alley. We stress the importance of professional inspections by our certified technicians who have the right safety equipment. Homeowners should never climb on the roof for inspections and repairs.

Contact Accord Construction for more information on our inspection service. We also offer emergency services immediately after a storm.

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