How Vigilant Observation Can Save Your Roof

September 14, 2017

How Vigilant Observation Can Save Your Roof

Your home’s roof represents a major investment, but its value goes beyond the cost of materials and installation because it shields you, your family and your possessions from the weather. Vigilant observation of developing problems can help keep your roof in good repair and save you the stress of dealing with serious damage.

Make Regular Visual Roof Checks

Scanning your roof from the ground a few times a year is time wisely spent, and it’s not difficult. Simply walk your home’s perimeter and check the roof for uplifted or damaged shingles, broken tiles or shifted metal panels, bent or missing flashing, or mounds of granules/bits of material/broken metal fasteners on the ground beneath your gutter downspouts. If you spot any concerning issues, your roof needs a professional inspection to avert leaks and more extensive damage, so call a dependable Dallas roofing contractor right away.

Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

Built-up debris from nearby trees, moss, and streaks of algae discoloration on your roof can make it hard to see developing problems. Vegetation and moss growth that’s not removed can also contribute to your roof’s deterioration. You can head off problems and make your roof’s condition easy to check by having it cleaned periodically by a pro who knows the safest procedures and products to use.

Inspect the Attic After Storms

After a wild rain or windstorm, some signs of roof damage are likely to show up in the attic first. This makes it vital to inspect your attic after any major weather event, and make a routine check a couple of times a year, too. Make sure the area is well lit, wear protective clothing and do your checks early in the day if possible before the space heats up. Look for water drips, damp patches on the sheathing/rafters, and soggy or moldy insulation, and call in your roofer to locate the source of any damage you find.

Take Care of Roof Defects Promptly

Oftentimes, issues with your home’s roof start out small and develop into serious problems over time. If you’re being vigilant about monitoring your roof for deterioration, don’t put off making necessary roof repairs, since it’s less costly to take of things before extensive damage occurs, or there’s harm done to your home’s structure or interior.

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