Take Action After Storm Damage

July 8, 2016

Take Action After Storm Damage
Storm damage is common in Oklahoma, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating to your family and your home. Your roof will thank you later if you take action immediately. Storms can damage your home in many ways, finding out what issues have surfaced and how to repair them is the first action item. Having a reputable Oklahoma City roofing contractor inspect your home promptly will save you time, money and stress.

Clean Up

The first thing you should do after a storm passes through is clean up the property. Get rid of tree branches that may have fallen, mangled lawn furniture, and other materials lying around the perimeter of your home that have been destroyed.


Having a leaky roof is somewhat ordinary, yet the problems it brings with it are some of the worst. The interior of your home can be affected by water damage, meaning that your ceiling, floors, and possessions can be ruined if the leak is not fixed as soon as possible.

Property Inspection

Have your home inspected by a trusted contractor. By hiring a reputable contractor, you know you will get the best options for your roof presented to you.

Storm Chasers

Watch out for roofing storm chasers who follow a storm from town to town scamming money out of homeowners in distress. If a contractor comes to your door and acts pushy, wanting you to sign on for work to be done on your home, refuse. A storm chaser will probably take your money and run. It is most likely a storm chaser is they:

  • Make you feel uncomfortable
  • Are from a far away town or state
  • Come to your doorstep without your permission or knowing first
  • Not certified


Talk to your insurance agent sooner rather than later. Once the above tasks have been completed, the last step is to contact your insurance agent and get the ball rolling for the payment of the final repairs. Depending on your policy, full coverage for the repairs may be accepted. Discuss the situation with your agent, and if it is possible, have your roofing contractor talk over options with your insurance companyas well.

Contact a fair and hardworking roofing contractor in your area such as Accord Construction to discuss the possible options after storm damage has occurred.

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