How to Prepare for Shingle Roof Storm Damage

November 13, 2017

How to Prepare for Shingle Roof Storm Damage

It’s an unfortunate fact that shingle roofs here in central Oklahoma are particularly vulnerable to damage from storms that deliver torrential rains, high winds, airborne debris, hail or worse, tornadoes. Although our local weather forecasting is superb, there’s no way to know exactly when damage might occur that requires an emergency roof repair. You can limit the risk of potential harm to your roof by taking the following steps:

Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

Signing up for a roof inspection and maintenance plan with a reputable local roofer is the easiest way to ensure that your roof stays in good repair at all times. A good maintenance plan from a dependable roofer can give you peace of mind by providing in-depth, twice-yearly inspections, priority scheduling after a storm, and cost savings when repairs are necessary.

Have Minor Problems Fixed Promptly

If an inspection reveals minor roof deficiencies, get them repaired as soon as possible. A couple of lifted/broken shingles or a section of missing/damaged flashing may not seem significant, but it can leave your roof vulnerable to more extensive damage and leaks during the next storm.

Upgrade Your Aging Shingles

If your roofer advises that your existing shingles are nearing the end of their useful lifespan after an inspection, it’s the right time to upgrade to a more durable, wind-resistant shingle. Your manufacturer-certified roofing contractor can also give you options on top-of-the-line warranty coverage that provides optimal protection.

Check for Damage After Severe Weather

You’ll know to call your roofer immediately if sudden and severe roof damage occurs, such as a hole from a fallen tree limb, or a torn off a section of shingles from high winds. You should always check for less obvious damage, but wait until a storm has passed. First, go up into your attic to look for evidence of leaks and water intrusions. Then, walk around the exterior of your home and check for visible signs of damage on the roof, like lifted or torn-off shingles, missing or bent flashing piles of granules around your gutter downspouts, or broken pieces of shingles on the ground. For your safety, don’t attempt to climb up onto the roof for a closer look. If you suspect that any harm was done, contact your roofing professional right away instead.

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