How Seamless Gutters Play Into Your Entire Roofing System

June 11, 2018

How Seamless Gutters Play Into Your Entire Roofing System

Did you know that, during a rainstorm, a 2000 square foot roof gets hit with over 1200 gallons of water for each inch of rain that falls? Edmond gets approximately 36 inches of rain annually. That translates to over 43000 gallons of water hitting your roof every year.

Where does all that water go? Hopefully, into your seamless gutter.

In a modern roof system, gutters play an integral role in collecting, managing, and diverting the water that hits your home’s roof deck. They catch the water as it flows off the roof, then diverts it to the downspout. The downspout takes it to ground level and dispels it away from your home’s foundation.

You may be wondering what happens when you don’t have a gutter system in place:

  • Water drips off the edge of the roof and along your home’s exterior. The water can get under siding and erode the mortar between bricks.
  • The water hits the ground near your foundation. This can cause erosion, eventually leading to standing water along the foundation wall.
  • Standing water swells the soil next to the foundation. And that can lead to cracks forming and eventual failure of the foundation wall.
  • Standing water also greatly increases the chance that your basement will flood.

Your next question may be “Why a seamless gutter?” Sectional gutter has long been a favorite of homeowners. But, there are certain advantages to the seamless system that make it superior:


  • Seamless gutters minimize leak opportunities at its joints. There is no need for copious amounts of sealant at each joint.
  • Seamless gutters use hangers that remove the need for screw holes in the gutter itself. This also minimizes the potential for leaks.
  • Each seam in the gutter creates a ridge where water and debris can accumulate. This increases the chance of a blockage occurring. This does not happen with a seamless gutter system.
  • The seamless gutter is easier to clean since there are no seam ridges for debris accumulation. Many times a quick flush of water can remove most.
  • A seamless gutter offers a clean, uniform look. This gives it a more modern appearance compared to the sectional gutter.


Seamless gutters offer superior performance and appearance. If you need to replace your gutters or just want to upgrade them, a seamless gutter system from Accord Construction is the answer. They offer copper and aluminum options that can usually be installed in a single day. Give us a call today.


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