Anatomy of Your Roofing System – Flashing

June 18, 2018

Anatomy of your roofing system flashing

Your roof is made from a combination of several different components with each doing a specific job to keep moisture from getting in your home. Flashing is one of these components and it provides extra protection to areas around your roof that are prone to leaks. It is an integral part of your roofing system as it diverts water away from areas like valleys and hips that could collect water. Depending on the type or location of flashing on your roof, you might not be aware that it is there. But it is there, protecting the integrity of your roof and your home.

Materials Used for Flashing

Roof flashing is made from various materials. The materials used to create the flashing used for your roof may vary according to the type of roof you have and what features your home has. Most flashing is made from a rust-resistant metal, such as galvanized steel, copper or aluminum. But it can also be made from rubber, roofing felt or plastic.

Where is Flashing Used?

You could have various types of flashing installed throughout your roof. Most commonly, your roof will usually have:

  • Flashing that serves as drip edges to keep water from seeping in under edges of rake and eaves.
  • Continuous flashing that keeps joints safe between vertical walls and sloped roof.
  • Flashing around a chimney, that prevents water from running behind it.
  • Flashing around vent pipes

Problems Caused by Damaged Flashing

Because you cannot always see the flashing on your roof, it’s a good idea the have your roof inspected yearly or after severe storms. What you can’t see can hurt you as leaks from damaged flashing are a threat to your home’s wooden infrastructure, ceilings, and walls. These leaks can cause severe water damage throughout your home that could also promote mold or mildew growth.

Leave it to a Professional

Repairs or replacing flashing on your roof is a job that is best left to a professional. For flashing or roofing repairs in the Oklahoma City and Dallas areas, you can depend on the roofing experts at Accord Construction.

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