How to Protect Your Home from Storm Chasers

March 6, 2017

How to Protect Your Home from Storm Chasers 

Central Oklahoma is known for getting more than its fair share of damaging weather events, so homeowners here are often the target of “storm chasers” – unscrupulous roofers who prey on those in need of restorative residential roofing services.

How Unethical Storm Chasers Operate

After a major storm wreaks havoc on residential roofs in metro OKC, a wave of door knockers arrive, usually from out of town and often from outside the state. These individuals offer the services of a roofer who’ll perform a “free” inspection. If you answer the door, you need to beware of:

  • Anyone asking you to sign a waiver so they can inspect your roof. Never sign a form without reading the fine print because it may bind you to a financial obligation for shoddy or incomplete work by a dishonest roofer.
  • High pressure sales tactics and rock-bottom quotes. The person at your door may use all kinds of high-pressure tactics to get you to commit. These can include offering an amazingly low price if you sign a contract right away, or a fake story that the roofer has leftover materials from another job and can save you a bundle, but the deal is only good today.
  • Dire warnings about extensive roof damage. If you do let a storm chaser up on your roof, after their “inspection,” they may try to scare you by falsely claiming that it’s badly compromised. They may even present “evidence” like a pile of granules, some broken shingles or photos of another storm damaged roof.

How to Avoid Being Taken In By Storm Chaser Tactics

If you feel pressured by a storm chaser at your door, step back, catch your breath and remember these don’ts:

  • Never let a roofer begin work with only a verbal authorization – make sure you have a detailed written contact signed first.
  • Don’t pay a contractor the entire agreed amount upfront. A deposit of no more than 1/3 of the total contract price is the accepted standard.
  • Never pay in full until the entire job is complete, you receive written supplier and subcontractor lien releases and a final inspection is performed.
  • Don’t hire a roofer without checking for a valid State roofing license, receiving current certificate copies for workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, verifying manufacturer certifications and speaking to local references.

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