Make Sure Your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Knows the Territory

November 30, 2016

Make Sure Your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Knows the Territory

Oklahoma roofing contractors know that they are living in the heart of Tornado Alley. This is a media name, not a scientific term, for the plains area between the Rocky and Appalachian mountain ranges. Tornadoes bring high winds over 110 mph, driving rain, and hail that can uproot trees and rip off roofs in minutes throughout America’s heartland.

These are the twisters highlighted in a 1996 film Twister featuring spectacular cinematography and special effects. Footage of actual tornadoes that blew across the Oklahoma plains were edited into the movie.

According to the National Climatic Data Center division of NOAA, Oklahoma has the third highest number of cyclonic storms or twisters; Texas and Kansas are first and second respectively.

Roof repairs

Your roof protects your home and keeps you dry. Roofing in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area has to be strong and secure to withstand the winds, rain, hail, and snow. Hailstones the size of golf balls can damage shingles, break windows, and dent siding.

Siding can be inspected from ground level for damage. You can also inspect windows and window frames for damage. If your gutters are hanging loose, you may also have damage to your roof as well. A professional roofing company that understands storm damage should be contacted for roof repairs. Do not try to inspect the roof yourself.

Even if your home is not in the direct path of a tornado or storm system, you may still have roof and siding damage. You need a repair company that works with insurance companies for most storm damage repairs.

At Accord Roofing in Edmond, we are familiar with the entire Oklahoma City area and the problems incurred from storms. Accord Roofing also installs and repairs siding and windows in addition to roofs. We respond immediately to emergencies.

We will inspect your roof and give you a written estimate of repair costs. We will also recommend roof replacement when necessary. Our expert staff knows insurance company regulations and requirements.

Working with an experienced local roofing contractor ensures trustworthiness and reliability, especially after a storm. Contact Accord for roofing services in the Oklahoma City area. We definitely know the territory.

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