Expedite the Insurance Claims Process after a Bad Storm

December 18, 2017

Expedite Insurance ClaimsThe day you are most grateful that you paid your homeowners insurance is the day you need to file a claim for roof damage from a bad storm. Storm repair and restoration is complicated enough without having to jump through hoops from your insurer. After a patch of rough weather, too, you may not be thinking very clearly. Here are the steps you can take now to expedite your insurance claim and get that vital storm repair done.

Storm Box

Most homes keep a firebox with vital papers safely inside. You can do the same for dealing with the aftermath of a bad storm; call it a storm box and tuck these important items inside:

  • A photocopy of your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • A separate paper (or multiple copies!) with your policy number on it
  • A note to yourself about the deductible amount — this is what you will pay out of pocket for the storm repair, before your insurer covers the rest
  • A business card or paper with the insurer’s 24-hour contact number for making a claim

Two Calls

When a storm strikes and you need quick rooftop storm repair work, contact your insurer first, and then call Accord Construction. We know how insurance claims work, and we will help you through the claims process.
With a call to Accord Construction, you can sit back and relax (as best you can!), confident our representative will:

  • Quickly assess the damage
  • Establish a work schedule to get crews out for storm repair work as soon as possible
  • Work directly with the insurance company’s adjuster on your claim

Many times, an Accord Construction roofing expert will notice something the adjuster overlooks, and that expert can then make sure your insurance company provides funds to correct the subtle damage. For example, roofs often lose individual shingles in strong winds; the pull and tug of the shingle can shred the underlayment. This may lead to leaks a few years down the road. A better solution than just replacing a few shingles is to remove more of the roof area, put down water and ice shield to replace damaged underlayment, and reshingle the area requiring storm repair work.

Expedite your insurance claims by placing your second call to Accord Construction at (405) 302-5520 in Edmond and Oklahoma City, or (214) 624-5130 in Dallas, Texas. You may also contact us online. We look forward to working with you.


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