What To Expect in A Storm Emergency

December 4, 2017


What To Expect in A Storm Emergency

Plenty of roofing contractors’ websites talk about storm damage but seldom do they get very specific. What kind of storm is damaging your home? Are you supposed to do something different in the face of a winter ice storm than you would for a spring tornado?

Winter’s Worst Weather

With Oklahoma experiencing some two months of below-freezing temperatures (according to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, or OCS), snow and ice can cause severe storm damage to your roof. Cycles of freezing and thawing can drive water not only into your roof’s sheathing but uphill, too, beneath your shingles, so each tab is exposed to water from above and below.

Water infiltrating through the sheathing will drip down onto insulation. In a storm, these drips can become icicles inside your attic. Worse, the ice freezing on your roof can melt, loosen from the shingles and slide down, carrying your gutters away from their fascia strips.

Ice storms can fill your gutters with heavy ice, snapping them from their brackets holding them to your fascia molding.

If your home has a small, low-slope roofing section, its insulation can compress under the weight of snow and ice. Metal roofing can deform for the same reason.

Reacting to a wintertime roofing emergency mainly involves identifying the spots where water infiltrates. You may also need to alert family members to spots where gutters have come loose, or snow has piled up and threatens to slide off a slick roof. Of course, you should contact your local, reliable roofer for a full emergency response, but while awaiting professional help, avoid doing anything to worsen the damage or risk injury to yourself (do not go onto your roof!).

Spring’s Savage Storms

OCS tells us that Oklahoma suffers an average of 53 tornadoes a year, mainly in spring. Tornadoes can do tremendous incidental damage, delivering glancing blows from debris whipped up and thrown up to hundreds of feet and causing blunt force roof damage.

In a tornado emergency, first and foremost is to keep yourself and your family safe. The roof may be so severely damaged only complete replacement will suffice. Or it may be only minimally affected, requiring minor roof repair.

No matter the type of storm damage your Oklahoma City home sustains, Accord Construction can be on the scene and at your disposal quickly. We offer complete storm damage assessment, restoration, and replacement. Contact us today!


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