3 Things You Never Want to Hear Your Roofer Say

May 22, 2017

Things you never want to hear your roofer sayWhen the roof on your commercial building needs attention, how do you know whether the roofer you call has the expertise you need? When you hear a roofing contractor in Oklahoma City make any of the following statements, it’s a big red flag that they don’t:

Inspecting Your Roof Should Only Take Half an Hour

A roofer who tells you that an inspection takes roughly half an hour probably plans to just give it a quick visual check that may miss serious issues that need attention. What should you do? Find a roofer who’ll perform an in-depth inspection that includes:

  • Making a detailed visual assessment of the roof covering, drainage system and flashings around the perimeter, expansion joints, installed equipment and all other penetrations.
  • Extracting core samples to determine the roof’s exact composition, then replacing and sealing the sampling sites.
  • Performing an infrared scan if there are suspected areas of wet insulation or to find specific leakage points.
  • Documenting any areas of concern and providing you with an inspection report and their recommendations for corrective measures to address any problems identified.

Your Roof Needs Immediate Replacement

If a roofing contractor tells you that your roof can fail or collapse at any moment and they need to get started on a tear off and replacement right away, get a second opinion. Even if your roof sustains storm damage and water is pouring into the building, a reputable roofer won’t expect you to make a replacement decision the same day. Slow deterioration of a commercial roof is more likely to occur than a catastrophic failure, too, and the recommendation to replace it is usually made when it’s no longer feasible to repair it.

I Don’t Usually Work With Your Type of Roof, But I’ll Fix It Anyway

If your roof has developed leaks and a contractor tells you they don’t work with your particular type of system, say thanks but no thanks if they offer to repair it anyway. There are a number of materials used to build commercial roofs, and there are specific repair methods required for each one. If the wrong techniques or materials are used, the repair may not last. Even worse, an improper repair can cause more damage to your roof and make the original leak worse.

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