DIY vs. Professional Repair: How to Know What to Choose

March 13, 2017

DIY vs. Professional Repair: How to Know What to ChooseAs an OKC-area homeowner, you’re certainly aware that home repairs are going to pop up from time to time. Some repairs you may try to do yourself for the satisfaction, and to save money, too. If you’re tempted to perform a roof repair, it’s wise to consider the risks involved and whether to call on the roofing services of a professional contractor.

Common Roof Problems

Wind-driven storms and other harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc — quickly or slowly — on your roofing system. Following are some common roof problems you may encounter and be tempted to attempt to repair yourself.

  • Missing or damaged shingles: Strong winds can lift, rip or completely remove roof shingles.
  • Loose flashing: Gaps between metal flashing and your chimney may allow water penetration.
  • Gutter problems: Sagging, clogged, fallen, leaky and/or rusted gutters are an eyesore, and they can allow water to damage roofing materials and your home’s foundation.
  • Hail damage: Hail can cause damage to asphalt shingle, tile and metal roofs and to the underlying materials.

Leave Most Repairs to Roofing Professionals

As a homeowner, you’re obviously concerned about your ailing roof. However, for the reasons outlined below, it’s best to leave most repairs to your roofing company.

  • Insurance: Refer to your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if your roof damage is covered. You’ll need a comprehensive roof inspection performed by your licensed contractor.
  • Create bigger problems: Sometimes you may actually compound the roof problem by trying to do the repair yourself.
  • More than meets the eye: Replacing a torn shingle yourself makes your roof look nicer, but it may simply be concealing a more substantial problem due to water penetration. Your roofing contractor should perform a comprehensive inspection to see what’s really going on.
  • Personal safety: Thousands of emergency room visits across the U.S. are attributed to homeowners and other non-professionals going up on a ladder or their roof and falling. It’s not worth the risk to go up on your roof.

The most important tasks you can do for maintaining your roof is to visually inspect it from the ground. Also, inspect your attic from time to time. Look for water damage to the timber and insulation. Lastly, schedule a professional roof inspection twice a year with your roofing company.
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