Why You Want a Certified Roofer for Roof Replacement

January 15, 2018


Roof replacement should be performed by a certified roofer. Let’s face it, there are more than a few unreliable roofers out there. If a roofer cannot provide you with proof of proper certification, you should think twice before hiring them, and here’s why. They may be a nice and talented roofer, and may even be able to do the job for less, but they cannot provide you and your home with all the advantages that come with hiring a certified professional.

Certified Roof Replacement–What You Get

  1. CERTIFICATION. A certified roofer not only has prior experience, but has undergone proper training in all aspects of the job, has passed the demands of a state exam, and has acquired a contractor’s license. Certification may also mean that a roofing contractor has undergone specialized training to be an expert in applying the most modern techniques and materials.
  2.  INSURANCE. Being certified also means having comprehensive insurance. If someone has an accident while working on your home, the employer’s insurance will protect you from liability.
  3. SAFETY. Certified roofers follow stringent safety procedures and utilize the proper equipment.
  4. QUALITY and PROFICIENCY. Professional roofers know how to get the job done, both quickly and properly. They are trained, certified, and knowledgeable in any media being applied to your home.
  5.  WARRANTY. Only certified roofing companies can provide you with options for top-of-the-line warranties. This is a direct benefit of your roofing specialist being certified in installation techniques that different material manufacturers require.

Certified Roofers

If you’re a homeowner considering roof repair or replacement, please ask for the help of a professional, certified roofing company. Accord Construction is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, as well as a CertainTeed Select Shinglemaster, licensed, insured, and certified for both residential and commercial roofing, and other exterior improvement services. We use top quality materials and techniques and can offer you a variety of warranty options, as well. Let us cover your home with the world-class roof you deserve.


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