Best Roof Repair Strategies for Homeowners

October 24, 2016

Best Roof Repair Strategies for Homeowners
Roof repairs are necessary throughout the life of a roof. There are few signs that indicate a roof can be professionally repaired to extend its life.
The signs include:

  • A few shingles that have come loose after high winds
  • A small leak into the attic or a ceiling
  • A tree branch caught in the shingles
  • Rain gutters that have pulled away from the roof

These are signs that immediate repairs are necessary to prevent more damage. A tree branch or limb can be professionally removed and the damaged shingles repaired.

A leak can be quickly located and the shingles replaced to prevent additional damage. Rain gutters are part of your roof system and they should adhere to the fascia or wall area where it meets the roof. You may find granules from the shingles in the rain gutters.This is another indication that shingles need replacing.

Roof inspections

It is a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected after a tornado or other wind storm moves through the area. You may have suffered some wind damage even if your home is not in the direct path of the storm.

Shingles that have fallen off of the roof are an indication that you need immediate roof repairs and may need a complete replacement.

Roof replacement

Sometimes, the best strategy for roof maintenance is a complete roof replacement. Broken or cracked shingles throughout the roof are signs that you may need a new roof. The granules come loose on older roofs as a result of wear over 20 to 30 years. This usually happens in different parts of the roof. This may cause leaks in the attic or crawl space. Moisture and air leaking into the roof can affect your insulation and HVAC system.

Loose rain gutters around the house along with moss on the roof are also indications that a new roof is needed to preserve your home. A new roof will also add to the home’s value.

Accord Construction has assisted more than 40,000 homeowners and commercial building owners in the Oklahoma City area. We will inspect your roof any time and make emergency roof repairs. We never encourage people to climb onto their roofs. It is too dangerous without proper safety equipment.

Call us for emergency roof repairs and inspections. We are experienced in working with insurance companies to find the best solution for your roofing requirements.

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