Beat Storm Season And Save Time and Money

May 7, 2018

Beat Storm Season And Save Time and Money

Your roof can take a real beating during storm season here in Edmond, OK.

It’s not uncommon for shingles to rip, break and even be torn from roofs throughout the area as a result of high winds and heavy rainfall. You may even experience leaks and other roof damage. However, one way that you can prevent potentially costly damage is by maintaining your roof throughout the year so that it’s in good condition before storm season hits.

Preventing Storm Damage

There are few bigger hassles involving the home than having to deal with major roof repairs. Not only can roof damage leave your home vulnerable to water damage, but it can cost a lot to have your roof repaired (or even replaced if required) and a significant amount of time to deal with insurance claims.

Having your roof inspected prior to the storm season can help identify any issues or weak spots. Repairing minor problems such as these can help prevent major problems from developing as a result of a storm. For example, a few missing shingles may not seem like a big deal at first. However, they leave the shingles around the affected area more vulnerable to wind and rain. If you don’t have those shingles replaced, your roof will be at a greater risk of having more shingles blown off and of experiencing potentially serious water damage.

Our Edmond, OK Roof Maintenance Program

Keeping your roof in good condition throughout the year is the best way to protect against the storm season. We offer two different maintenance programs: the Gold Program and the Platinum Program. Both programs include the following:

  • A semi-annual 12-point inspection that includes a thorough inspection of the roof’s shingles, flashing and ventilation along with the removal of all debris and an HD video analysis.
  • Free repair consultations and repair estimates.
  • A discount on all of our roof repair services.
  • Priority service in the event of storm damage.

Our Gold Program is available for $149 a year, while our Platinum Program is available for $199 a year. The main difference is that our Platinum Program also includes gutter cleaning as part of our inspections, which can help prevent potential foundation damage, roof damage and siding damage.

For more information about enrolling in one of our roof maintenance programs or to schedule a roof repair or replacement service, contact us at Accord Construction in Edmond, OK today.


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