Essential Bad Weather Preps for the Homeowner

November 30, 2017


Essential Bad Weather Preps for the Homeowner After a strong storm, roof repair may have to be your first priority. Water trickling in, shingles sliding, flashing lying in your driveway instead of sealing around your chimney, you stand and stare and worry and wonder how you will recover. With planning ahead for a storm, roof repair need not be a moment of panic.

Prepare for the Worst

In and around Oklahoma City we get plenty of rough weather. Damaging storms can strike year-round, from spring’s twisters to winter’s snow and ice. Your preparations, then, have to also be year-round. Begin by establishing a strong relationship with a trusted roofing contractor. A good way to start is by having annual inspections of your Oklahoma City home’s roof. By being a steady customer, you will be noticed in a list of residents awaiting roof repair after any storm.

Inspection also prepares your roof for that storm, too. In the hands of a careful and caring contractor, your home’s roof will be weather-tight and ready to resist winds, ice, rain, and snow. From ridge vents to gutters, every part of your home’s roof system will be at its best before the storm. After the storm, roof repair becomes a simple matter of putting things right, instead of making up for years of neglect.

What You Can Do

For most Oklahoma City homeowners, their contributions to roof upkeep are minimal, because a steep-slope roof is no place for amateurs. Stay off your roof, and concentrate on readying your home for storms:

  • Gutters — Keep your gutters clean and free-running, so debris from a storm cannot clog them
  • Overhanging trees — Cut back any tree branch overhanging your roof, and keep a clear perimeter of at least 10 feet around your roof’s edge, so branches cannot topple and crush your shingles
  • Foundations — Keep downspouts clear and point downspout extensions well away from your home, so your foundations stay dry even during the heaviest downpours
  • Insulation — If you have not inspected your attic insulation recently, ensure you have clean, dry insulation, and enough of it to keep your home energy efficient; signs of water staining indicate roof leaks, which should be repaired quickly

After any storm roof repair should be handled by the local, trusted, experienced roofers Oklahoma City homeowners trust, Accord Construction. Contact us today to learn how an ongoing program of inspection and maintenance can prepare your home for Mother Nature’s worst weather.


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