A Quick and Simple Guide to 5 Different Roofing Materials

June 25, 2015

At Accord Construction, we want to make the process of repairing and/or replacing your roof as easy as possible. This article can help you determine what material you’d like to use for your next roof. There are many visual indicators that can let you know if you need to call us to replace your roof. If you have never had to deal with this before, we hope this article can help you determine if you need to replace your roof, and if you still have any questions, you can call us at (405) 302-5520. We can inspect your roof if you are unsure.

Asphalt/Composition Shingles

Most affordable shingles, they start out as a fiberglass mat. Then it is saturated in asphalt to make it water resistant with a top coating of asphalt and sand granules. It’s easy to find a color that you’d like to use as your roof. They’re also lightweight and fire-resistant and sometimes can be installed over original roof. However, these shingles do not last as long (only 15 to 20 years) as the other materials and will become brittle.


Wood is a longer lasting material than asphalt/composition shingles. It typically works aesthetically best with older homes or ones that look historic. There are two types of wooden roofs, ones made up of shingles and those made up of shakes. Shingles are smaller and split while shakes are thicker and split by hand. Wood shakes last longer than wooden shingles, shingles only last up to 30 years, while wooden shakes can last up to 40 years. Wood as a roofing material has a natural look that blends well. It also provides good insulation, not letting heat escape. However, it is an expensive material and has low fire resistance. It can also warp over time. And it has a higher risk of rotting than other materials.



Metal roofs are typically made of metal sheets that are rolled out and cut into panels. They have an underlayer of waterproof material that is applied to keep the weather out. The metal is typically made of steel, aluminum, or copper. Metal is an extremely durable roofing material that protects a house from all sorts of weather and other issues, whether it’s rain, wind, fire, rot, or hail. Some insurance companies will even give you a discount if you have a metal roof. However, metal roofs are pricier than asphalt shingles and if the damage from hail is too harsh, there can be dents in the metal roofs. Metal roofs are available in a lot of styles that can fit anyone’s taste.


Tile roofs are typically made of clay or concrete. The clay tiles are made from pulverized clay and water and molded. Concrete tiles are made up of a mixture of concreted, pulverized rock, and sand that’s colored and molded. These roofs are often compared to Mediterranean and Southwest style roofs. These tile roofs are durable, fire-repellent, long-lasting, and available in a multitude of colors. They’re typically molded in barrel shapes, but can be purchased in flat or curved styles. Some typical issues with this type of material are the weight, the price, and difficult installation/repair.


Slate is one of the most expensive roofing materials due to it’s lavish reputation. It’s also long-lasting and durable, slate roofs often last over 50 years. It’s low maintenance and fire repellant. The colors are varied since slate is a natural material, making every home one of a kind. It’s also very heavy and often needs extensive reinforcement of the roof framing. However, it’s a beautiful roof that can protect your home long term from insects, fires, and bad weather like hail and torrential downpours.

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