5 Storm Damage Scenarios that Can Destroy Your Roof

May 1, 2017

5 Storm Damage Scenarios that Can Destroy Your Roof

The 19 inches of snow that blanketed Stillwater back in 1994 seems like a lot of snow, yet the National Weather Service puts it as only the fifth heaviest snowfall the state has seen from 1951 to 2001. Snow is only one of five problems that prompt the kind of emergency roof repair Oklahoma City businesses need to stay in business.


Snow on a commercial roof can lead to such a high level of necessary roof repair that Oklahoma City facilities managers may debate replacing the roof instead of simply repairing it. Snow can not only crush insulation, it can collapse roof deck structural members.


A tornado destroys by creating such violent differences in air pressure, roofs are pushed off their walls from within. Ripped from their rafters, roofs disappear into funnel clouds with horrific speed. Even the outer reaches of a tornado can rip metal roofing and single-ply components from their mechanical or adhesive fastenings.


Seasonal thunderstorms can spawn not just tornadoes throughout Oklahoma, they can bring hail that pummels an industrial roof. You may expect metal roofing to bear the brunt of hail, but all types of roofs suffer from the fast-moving icy orbs:

  • Single-ply — the membrane can fracture, either in concentric circles or by through-and-through tears
  • Built-up roofing (BUR) — Hail will leave donut-shaped craters slightly larger than the hailstone, with displacement of gravel and ballast
  • Modified bitumen — Expect tearing of membrane, especially in unsupported bridging areas such as flashing and seams

Water Weight

In nearly every extreme weather scenario, water plays a damaging role. It can accumulate on a commercial roof far faster than drains and scuppers can shed it; it can compress insulation, leading to water infiltration and ponding.

Blunt Force

Whether from a falling tree limb, uprooted tree or wind-borne debris, your business’s roof can sustain destructive damage from blunt force impact. The blunt impact can crater the surface while destroying the insulation beneath.


In all cases, keeping one eye on the weather can help prepare your facilities crew for work before and after a storm. Quick action to clear snow load, remove debris and keep drains open will help prevent roof destruction.

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