3 Best Advantages of a New Metal Roof for Your Home

January 30, 2017

3 Best Advantages of a New Metal Roof for Your Home

It used to be the case that metal roofs were only found on commercial properties, and these roofs were purely functional and not much to look at. Those days are gone. In the past few years, manufacturers have embraced missed opportunities and have given the nod to residential roofing.

Concerned about how a metal roof will look? Don’t be. Many styles are indistinguishable from shingles, shakes and Mediterranean style tile.

“Metal” is a rather ambiguous term. To be precise, aluminum and steel are by far the most used materials in metal roofing, although titanium, copper and zinc are also utilized for some specific applications. What are the top advantages of metal over composition shingles?

3 Top Advantages of Metal Roofs

  1. Metal residential roofing will reduce your energy costs. This is the primary consideration for many homeowners in states such as Oklahoma where the summer heat is fierce. Whereas asphalt shingles, particularly dark ones, absorb radiant heat, metal reflects it, The Metal Roofing Alliance says, “metal roofing can save your home up to 40% in annual energy costs.”
  2. Metal offers a superior life cycle cost. It’s true that a metal roof will cost more than a conventional roof in the short term, but in the long term it is more economical. Generally speaking, conventional shingles will need to be replaced 2 to 4 times before a metal roof is replaced one time. If you plan on staying in your home indefinitely, that’s great news. If you plan on selling, it’s a great marketing point.
  3. Weather related issues are minimized when impact-resistant or fire-resistant residential roofing is installed. Whether you are concerned about hail damage, fire or heavy wind, metal roofing has the clear advantage. Besides the peace of mind that it offers, a side benefit is that you may be eligible for a homeowners’ insurance discount depending on the particulars of your insurance provider. Ask your agent about the UL 2218 insurance discount. Less damage and lower premiums is a win-win no matter how you look at it.

Is it time to replace your old composition shingle roof and are you considering metal residential roofing? For an consultation and to learn more about whether metal might be the best choice for your home, contact Accord Construction at your convenience.

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