​ ​Prioritize​ ​Roof​ ​Repairs​ ​in​ ​2018​ ​Starting​ ​Now​ ​

January 11, 2018

Unexpected roof repairs can put a dent in your household budget, and neglecting necessary repairs can shorten the life of your roof and leave you facing a premature replacement. To avoid unplanned, costly roofing repairs in 2018, you should take the following steps in the upcoming year:

Invest in a Roof Maintenance Program

Taking advantage of a roof maintenance program offered by a reputable local roofing contractor makes it easy to keep your roof in good repair. When you’re comparing programs, be sure to choose one that provides semi-annual detailed roof inspections and perks like priority service for storm damage. With regular care, you can easily stay ahead of issues as they develop, so small concerns like a few damaged shingles or a section of missing flashing get fixed before they escalate into more extensive problems or leaks.

Stay Aware of Your Roof’s Condition

Although you shouldn’t venture up onto your roof for safety reasons, you should give it a visual checkup in between inspections. Simply walk the perimeter of your home and check the roof for flashing or shingle defects, and the ground around your downspouts for unusual amounts of shed granules. Then, head up to the attic to look for pinpoints of daylight, dripping water or dried stains on the roof sheathing, signs of mold growth anywhere, or wet insulation between the floor joists.

Have Your Attic Environment Checked

If your attic isn’t air sealed, or it lacks sufficient ventilation or insulation, your roof is at greater risk of damage and deterioration. In the summer, a build-up of heat in the attic can prematurely age your shingles, and warp and crack the rafters and roof decking. To avoid such damage, you may be advised to have additional soffit and gable/ridge vents installed, seal air leaks between the attic and your conditioned living areas, or add more insulation on the attic floor.

Investigate Beneficial Roofing Upgrades

If you’re advised that you’ll need a new roof in 2018, you have an opportunity to upgrade to a more impact- and wind-resistant shingle, or an Energy Star-certified “cool roof.” Some of the beautiful, energy-efficient shingle choices worth considering are Solaris from CertainTeed and Duration from Owens Corning. When they’re installed by a certified roofer, you also have the option of worry-free extended warranty coverage.

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