Your Roof In Layers: How To Understand The Lingo

One of the best ways to learn any new lingo is to study a descriptive diagram, which gives you more knowledge through visuals.

How To Guide: Choosing The Best Emergency Repair Contractor

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How To Have A Stress Free Roof Insurance Claim

The bad news is your roof has suffered damage and needs repair work, or needs replacing. The good news is your homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers repairs and replacement in most situations.

What You Need To Know About Insurance Claim Costs

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Why Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors Are Superior

When you need to hire a contractor to repair or replace the roof on your home, it’s hard not to worry whether the roofer you choose is going to do a good job. Searching through all the roofing contractors in the Oklahoma City area to find one who’s experienced and trustworthy can be an overwhelming […]

Why Are Seamless Gutters From Accord Better?

Gutters aren’t something you shop for on a regular basis so when you are in the market for new gutters, you might wonder what to look for. There are several reasons to buy new gutters. They include: You’re getting a new roof so it makes sense to get new gutters as well You currently don’t […]

Are Seamless Gutters Worth The Money For Your OK Home?

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OKC Roofing Contractors Make These Common Repairs

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Working With Your Roofer After Storm Damage

No one likes to endure a big storm, and the roof protects your home from the worst of it. That doesn’t mean the roof won’t sustain damage itself. The good news is that most storm damage will be covered by insurance. The bad news is, claims are complicated and can be overwhelming. Use these tips […]

How Roof Inspections Check Your Roof’s Vital Signs

Just like the human body, the roof on your home needs a check-up at least once a year.